They are as much alike as they are different.

One was the son of a physician and died from alcoholism. The other was born to a liquor salesman and died a teetotaler. They are often confused for one another even though they are unrelated. One once worked for the other one as a janitor.

They were both two of the finest writers in American history and helped shape our laws, our customs and our national identity. Both are loved and hated.

They were American critics and this country gave them plenty of fuel for their fiery prose.

They won the greatest prizes given authors, had numerous best sellers and their books were made into movies.

Together they are Sinclair Squared.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Call Of The Sinclairs

Both Sinclairs paid homage to Jack London and as a result both became friends with London. The details of those initial calls to "Wolf" are in James L. Haley's biography of London.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Well, Yes It Can

Lewis' fictional account of facism in America is still getting attention even in 2010. Click here for a current review.

The Birth Of The Attack Ad

Greg Mitchell's fascinating read about the connection between Upton Sinclair and modern "dirty" politics. Huffington Post discusses the book here.